Personalize Your Messaging

November 4, 2020
Guests are expecting more from hotels nowadays, but personalization can give your hotel a competitive advantage. Let Akia take care of more operations so you can go build lasting relationships with guests.

Custom Scheduled Messaging: The Promotions feature has been moved to the Custom Scheduled Messaging tab in the Settings. Properties can now configure any number of customizable scheduled messages to message at specific times and/or to create promotions for guests. Additional fees may apply.

Credit Card Information: Akia can render the cardholder name and last four digits of guests’ credit cards, and hotels can easily print all the relevant information directly from guests’ agreement.

Akia's ability to save the last four digits of a guest's credit card number

Bulk Actions: The Guest tab has replaced the Broadcast tab for new users. In the Guest tab, you can filter through your guests, select multiple guests, and create an action for the selected guests. Via the Action button, hotels can enable actions such as Block, Disable Akia, Cancel Reservation, Workflows, and Bulk Action.

Task Priority: You can now select labels to prioritize certain tasks over others.

ability to select labels to prioritize tasks within Akia

Limited Macros: You can no longer create personal macros, and macros will be shared over the entire property.

hotel front desk staff on the phone

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