Peak and off-peak seasons merge

Pooja Khandelwal
Pooja Khandelwal
September 13, 2022
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Still 1.2 million open jobs.

According to a recent report by U.S. Travel Association, Leisure & Hospitality has 1.2 million jobs still open. While the overall economy has recovered from its share of COVID-19-related job loss, the hospitality industry remains 7.2% below pre-pandemic levels. The industry is facing a substantial surge in job quits making it extremely challenging to hire additional workers. The number of job openings within this industry exceeds the number of unemployed American hospitality workers. Therefore to get the labor force back in shape, the industry must not only competitively recruit from in and outside of the USA but also be open to utilizing technology.

Recommendation - Akia's digital solution has helped numerous hotel and vacation rental staff alleviate pressure by automating and improving daily operations. Companies should consider implementing innovative technologies like Akia to attract workers and improve the economy. Talk to our specialist today.

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Peak and off-peak seasons merge.

As many experts predicted, seasonal travel and lodging trends are shifting. The new, post-pandemic guests are willing to travel off-peak times. If you were among those who relied heavily on seasonal high and low demands, it’s time you changed your strategy to adopt the new mindset. In their annual trend report, Vrbo revealed a 33% year-over-year increase in updated searches. As people return to the office and employers introduce partial or even permanent work-from-home policies, families’ outlooks on vacation time, flexibility, and work-life balance have profoundly changed. The shift in seasonality is a great opportunity and should be leveraged by hoteliers and vacation rental managers to boost occupancy and revenue.

Recommendation - By taking away a massive share of admin tasks and automating check-in processes, Akia helps the staff stay proactive and be prepared for seasonal demands.

The Docent's Collection

Automate Arrivals.  

To help prepare for the guest's arrival in advance, The Docent's Collection leverages Akia's Registration Card to capture guest registrations, signatures, and estimated arrival time. In addition, with Akia's integration with FLEXIPASS - a fast and easy mobile key access solution - the hotel can deliver digital keys faster than ever.

Streamlining the check-in process over text messaging before arrival has allowed the property to prioritize better housekeeping based on guests' estimated arrival times and capture special requests and preferences. With Akia's robust tech pack and integration abilities, The Docent's Collection seamlessly issues digital keys to guests via text messaging, avoiding waiting and long lines at the reception.

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