Make Money with Mini Apps

October 17, 2021
Build Engaging Customer Journey

Why wait until guests arrive to interact? Many travelers start planning how to spend their stay long before their check-in date. If you have upsells or services available, offer them to guests early to maximize your sales. Here are some ways Akia's Mini Apps can help your property make money:

  • Agreements - include a checkbox for room upgrades
  • Booklets - advertise your on-property amenities, restaurants, or spas
  • Menus - offer packages for birthdays and anniversaries
  • Surveys - find out guest demographics and interests

New Feature Highlights

Mini App Delivery

Make sure guests receive Mini Apps in a way that works for them. You can send Mini Apps to guests over SMS, WhatsApp, and email. Choose your primary communication channel and set fallbacks if the previous message fails.

Duplicate Booklets

Create a template and then duplicate it to create as many versions of a booklet as you need. You can send guests unique booklets based on the season or where they are staying.

Reservation Details

Now booklets and agreements can render multiple reservations in one place. You can personalize Mini Apps with unique information tailored to the guest and specific reservations, upsell additional services and make more revenue.

Upsell Menus

You can use menus for more than just food and beverage orders.

Here's an idea: Create a "Celebration Package" menu and offer guests a selection of balloons, champagne, desserts, and flowers for special occasions. Deliver it to their room to make their stay extra memorable.

Guest Tracker

Akia now integrates with campground, RV park, and lodge reservation software GuestTracker.

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