July 2020 Product Updates

July 28, 2020
This month, we've introduced some new features that can streamline operations and communications for your property.


  • New Tasks Tab: The tasks tab has been redesigned for easier navigation. With the new view, hotel staff can easily filter by department and find the tasks that still need to be completed.
  • Emojis: We’ve added emojis to make conversations more personable. 😄

emojis in Akia chat
  • Agreement Checkbox: After guests sign their digital registration cards, a green check box will appear instead of “yes” in Akia’s reply to avoid confusion.
  • Negative Feedback View:  The Analytics page can now display up to 100 negative responses for you to review.
  • Customize Rating Response: You can create a customized response for when guests rate their experience.
  • Filters in Broadcast: The Broadcast feature has two new filters to show guests who’ve signed their agreements and those who’ve signed waivers for activities.
  • Flag Wrong Intent Detection: You can make a report if Akia misreads the intent of a guest’s message. Hover over the lightning bolt under your guest’s message, and a “Report” option will show up for you to click and fill out.

feature where user can flag a wrong intent detection


  • Tasks: We’ve added task creation and filters on mobile.
  • Search Bar: We’ve fixed the bug with the search bar. You can now easily search for guests by name or phone number.
  • Pre-filled Welcome Message: When you manually add a guest into Akia, there will be a pre-filled welcome message that you can view and send.
  • Macros: We’ve created macros in the message input, so you can easily respond to common questions from your phone.
hotel front desk staff on the phone

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