Inclusive, Diverse and Accessible

Pooja Khandelwal
Pooja Khandelwal
August 16, 2022
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Inclusive, Diverse and Accessible

Travelers are paying close attention to how destinations and services approach diversity, accessibility, and inclusivity. While global tourism is redesigning its model, there is still much work to be done. To help brands understand the current travel landscape, Expedia Group, in collaboration with Wakefield Research, commissioned research to reveal how consumers feel about inclusive travel. Surveying 11,000 guests across 11 countries, the report highlights how companies can practice inclusion, promote diversity, and provide equal access to all travelers.

How does Akia help? By taking over repetitive administrative tasks, Akia helps create a quick-response atmosphere so the staff can remain proactive and focus on taking swift, corrective measures to address I&D challenges. Akia's customization capabilities empower businesses to ensure every guest feels valued and heard.

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Job Vacancies Threaten Travel & Tourism

A new study by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) analyzed labor shortages across significant economies such as the U.S., France, Spain, the UK, Italy, and Portugal – Hospitality, air transport, and travel is the most affected agencies. Due to rising consumer demands, recovery of Travel & Tourism in these regions will be challenging if jobs remain unfilled. The report also highlighted vital measures to bridge the talent gap, which included promoting remote work, solid career path, upskilling & reskilling the current workforce and adopting tech solutions.  

How does Akia help? Akia’s digital solution has helped numerous hotel and vacation rental staff alleviate pressure by automating and improving daily operations. Companies should consider implementing innovative technologies like Akia to attract workers and improve the economy.

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                                                        Image credit: Pembina Inn & Suites

Give Your Staff More Control

Pembina Inn & Suites expedited check-ins and minimized no-shows by allowing teams to be more proactive with Akia.

Before Akia, Pembina Inn & Suites had no specific process to track incoming guests making it very difficult for the front desk to stay prepared for late arrivals and no-shows. The team relied heavily on obtaining pre-registration confirmation via emails, resulting in a low response rate - less than 25%. The lack of visibility contributed to poor management and longer check-in times.

How does Akia help? Switching to Akia and having Akia push Reg Cards via text messages helped the team scale confirmations by 2x times, increasing engagement to a solid 50%. In addition, leveraging Akia's integration with Jonas Chorum, Pembina Inn & Suites gave their staff more control in managing and tracking guests. Akia automatically pulls in data from Jonas Chorum, prompts the guests to pre-register via Reg Cards on the day of arrival, and notifies staff immediately on confirmation.

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