Improving Hotel Staff Efficiency

May 11, 2021
While the hotel industry gradually recovers, smooth operations can make all the difference. Here at Akia, we're excited to introduce a few new updates that focus on improving hotel operational efficiency, so your hotel can effectively recover this year.

Reservation User Interface: Akia's reservation user interface now shows all future reservations by the same guest in a carousel format. With this update, multiple digital registration cards will be automatically sent prior to each reservation.

Akia reservation user interface

Workflows: Akia's workflows have been updated to enable an auto-trigger based on events such as check-in and if a room is ready. For instance, Akia can be configured to send a in-stay survey to a guest 3 hours after they check in, or Akia can automatically send guests their room key codes after they check in.

Akia new workflows

Tasks: The tasks tab has been updated to have a home page that displays tasks by due date, high priority, and relevance. Hotel managers can also easily view and assign tasks to individuals or departments.

Akia new mobile tasks view

Mobile Changes: Akia has made the following updates to the mobile app.

  • There are now more options on mobile to make edits or assign actions regarding guests.
  • The mobile app now allows hotels to easily access the Akia support team.
  • Notifications can now be tapped into for further details, such as a guest conversation or an agreement.
  • The tasks tab in mobile has been updated to reflect the new user interface.
  • Team chat messages can be rendered to be automatically translated on mobile.

RemoteLock Integration: Akia is now integrated with RemoteLock, a leading provider of cloud-based access control and smart lock management software.

RemoteLock logo

hotel front desk staff on the phone

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