Hotels respond to staff shortages.

Pooja Khandelwal
Pooja Khandelwal
March 7, 2023
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Hotels respond to staff shortages.

Hotels and resorts are offering new hires better compensation, greater flexibility, and more benefits to offset staffing shortages. According to a recent report by American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), 80% of hotels are being impacted by labor shortages, and more than 70 percent are increasing wages to get people back to work. In addition, with an average of filling seven positions per property, 64 percent of respondents are offering more flexibility, and 33 percent are looking to provide better benefits.  

While these numbers look better than 3rd quarter of 2022, recruiting workers continues to be the biggest challenge, as AHLA CEO Chip Rogers confirmed, “Recruiting enough workers continues to be the top challenge for many hoteliers, and this is leading to historic career opportunities for hotel employees.”

New tech to increase staffing efficiencies.

In their research, Hotel Tech Report found that hotels can save a dollar per guest by implementing service optimization software. In simpler words, this means automating manual staff operations like task management and housekeeping. New tech and tools help organize workflows and rescue response times, which result in higher guest satisfaction.

In addition, with millennials and Gen Z making a more significant part of today’s travelers, tech investment is vital in driving employee morale in the hospitality industry. This Skift and Oracle Hospitality survey shows hoteliers looking at adopting tech to retain staff and bring efficiency to operations.

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Reduce no-shows with Akia <> WebRezPro.

By implementing Akia and integrating with WebRezPro, the property automated pre-arrival processes and communication. Akia automatically pulls guest information from WebRezPro and pushes out specific room/unit details, reservation confirmation, and reminders.

Setting up reservation confirmations and reminders helped Harborside Motel & Wireless Cottages save time and focus on better guest communication. As a result, they started to have fewer no-shows.

“Akia and WebRezPro sync has definitely saved time for us, and we've been able to keep up with consistent communication with our guests, which is our number one goal!” - Janet Sloane, Operation Manager at Haboursiude Motel & Wireless Cottages.

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