Hotel Cleaning Checklist

Wanny Mei
Wanny Mei
August 24, 2020
various cleaning supplies on a table
As the hospitality industry has adapted to COVID-19, many hotels have introduced new cleaning procedures to prevent the spread of the disease. Here at Akia, we’ve compiled a checklist of hotel cleaning and disinfecting necessities for you to reference or double check your procedures with. Find out if your hotel is meeting all these recommendations.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols

  •  Thoroughly clean all high-traffic areas, such as lobbies, hallways, and front desks, several times a day.

  •  Disinfect all commonly used surfaces with bleach, chlorine, alcohol 70%, or virucidal detergents on a frequent basis. Some high-touch surfaces include doorknobs, tables, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, faucets, sinks, etc.

  •  Disinfect room keys after each check-out.

  •  Clean soft surfaces (carpeted floors, rugs, drapes, etc.) using soap and water, appropriate cleaners, or disinfectants. Launder if possible.

  •  Clean and sanitize any shared equipment between each use, and provide time for workers to implement these cleaning practices during their shifts.

  •  Make sanitary supplies readily available to employees, and install hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the property, especially around entrances, exits, and elevators.

  •  Use single-use cleaning cloths.

  •  Ensure that sanitary facilities stay operational and stocked at all times.  

  •  Provide protective equipment to employees, such as masks, disposable gloves, eye protection, and plastic aprons, and require equipment usage during cleaning.

  •  Clean floors using a vacuum with HEPA filter or other methods that do not disperse pathogens into the air.  

  •  Clean walls with appropriate disinfectant.

  •  Ensure all water systems and features, such as drinking fountains and decorative fountains, are safe to use.  

  •  Avoid sharing electronics and other work and office supplies wherever possible.

  •  Close manually operated ice machines or use hands-free machines.  

  •  Consider upgrades to improve air filtration and ventilation.

  •  Remove reusable materials from rooms and replace with one-time use materials.

  •  Critical information for guests should be provided as single-use collateral and/or electronically posted.  

  •  Clean all kitchen items, appliances, and areas between each guest stay.

  •  Provide adequate dish soap and new, unused sponges for each guest upon arrival if applicable.

  •  Consider replacing utensils with one-time use dinnerware. If not, wash all dishes with at least 140℉ temperature water.

  •  Bag dirty linens for transport and wash at a high temperature of at least 140℉ and cleaned in accordance with CDC guidelines.

  •  Wear disposable gloves while doing laundry, and do not shake any laundry.

  •  Remove and launder all linens between each guest stay, including items that don’t look like they’ve been used.

  •  Clean and disinfect any laundry hampers.

  •  Leave rooms vacant for 24 to 72 hours between occupancy.

  •  Outdoor areas should be cleaned routinely, but they do not require disinfection.

  •  Develop a quarantine and cleaning plan for rooms where an infected guest has been. Remove the rooms from service until after completing an enhanced cleaning procedure.

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