Contactless is the king

July 26, 2022
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Skift x Oracle Hospitality

Contactless is the King

While the rest of the world might be going back to life as it was before the pandemic, for hospitality industry, there is no point of return. According to a recent survey by Oracle x Skift, conducted across nine global markets, more than 60% of respondents confirmed that in the coming years, one of the most prevailing tech advancements will be the adoption of “a fully contactless experience for all basic hotel transactions.” The most preferred contactless feature was check-in and check-out, with more than 50% of respondents opting for it.

How does Akia help? Akia has been leading contactless operations and communication since before COVID, and customers that implemented it reaped significant benefits during the lockdown by making guests feel comfortable and in control by dispensing overall convenience.

HITEC | Akia

Sustainability Conversation at HITEC Orlando 2022

The industry is finally pacing up on the sustainability conversation! Taking inspiration from its counterparts in the financial and government institutions, the hospitality industry is focusing on how it can become better at conserving energy by transitioning from on-premise to cloud. At HITEC Orlando 2022, Hospitality Net questioned industry experts if sustainability is taken seriously and if it generated ROI. Most experts favored adopting sustainable alternatives and said investing in eco-friendly solutions yields vast ROI. Ali Beklen, Managing Partner and Founder of HotelRunner, said,

“as we complete transition from on-premise to cloud at every department, at every functionality, we’ll be most probably investing into a much more sustainable IT future."

How does Akia help? Digitizing with Akia helps companies to act more responsibly. Akia’s automation not only provides smoother check-ins and seamless guest communication, but also helps businesses get rid of tremendous consumable goods, saving them a good amount of money.

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Ski Country Resorts

Work Less, Save More

Ski Country Resorts alleviates 80% of their manual work by automating with Akia. Before Akia, Ski Country Resorts used email-embedded rental agreements, which was time-consuming and required much manual work. Their team used to update and send out each agreement manually, and they physically kept track of guests who signed or did not sign.

How does Akia help? Instituting Akia and leveraging its integration with Escapia enabled Ski Country Resorts to automate their pre-arrival processes. Akia automatically pulls in guest information from Escapia and pushes out the rental agreement to guests as soon as a reservation is made. Plus, it notifies the staff when an agreement is signed, saving them more time for critical tasks.

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