Build Stronger Guest Loyalty

November 17, 2020
It can be hard to keep up with past guests, especially if they’re not really opening your email promotions. Building strong relationships with guests takes communication, and text messaging consistently gets the most engagement out of any platform. Welcome your guests back directly with personalized promotions and offers that get people excited. We want to make it easy for you to re-market to past guests and build lasting customer relationships, so here are some of our latest updates to help you do just that:

Audiences: Akia will automatically add guests into audiences once you set up the rules for the audience. The rules are based off of events, and these categories include On-Property, Rating, and Message. For On-Property, you can filter guests through rooms numbers and/or booking channels. Rating allows you to send promotions only to guests who have left a certain rating for you. Message allows you to filter for keywords that show up in text conversations, which indicate interest in certain activities. An example of an audience would be “High Spenders” who stayed in certain rooms and previously booked from Expedia.

With Audiences, you can also define the retention in your audiences. This allows you to either keep guests in the audiences indefinitely, or only keep them only for a certain amount of time.

ability to define retention in audiences feature in Akia

Campaigns: With Campaigns, you can send promotional messages to selected audiences. Target past guests in specific audience groups, and/or use designated market areas (DMA) to reach guests in certain locations. You can also exclude future guests from receiving messages.

In regards to the messaging, Akia will open with the introducer’s name to make the message more personal. You can configure automatic responses to make promotions feel conversational and reduce the reply workload for the staff. You can also configure the messages to notify the staff when necessary.

Akia sending personalized promotion message to past guest

The Campaigns tab will also show all of your existing promotional campaigns, and the campaign cards will display insights on the delivery and conversion rate.

Pin Guests: In the Actions dropdown in the guest’s information card, you can pin a conversation with that guest, so it will stay at the top of your inbox. When there are important matters to address with certain guests, these conversations can be pinned to stay at the top of the inbox, so your staff can know to address them as soon as possible.

Custom Attributes: On the Settings page, there is a Custom Attributes tab under the Property section. Custom Attributes allow you to create rules that are specific to your property and send automated messages based on those rules. For instance, if your property has different WiFi passwords for different rooms, you can configure those rules in this section.

Agreements: There is a new custom field type in the Agreement Template, so your hotel can request more specific information from guests before arrival.

hotel front desk staff on the phone

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