Automate with Akia for Exceptional Guest Experience

June 10, 2022

Scrambling its way post-pandemic; the hospitality industry commits to increasing productivity through better-streamlined processes and leaner operations. This means automating wherever possible and deploying better tech. 

Enhance your guest service experience and grow your property’s reputation in the post-pandemic world with Akia’s automated communication platform. We help you increase efficiency by taking out the leg work so your team can focus on what truly matters: generating extraordinary guest experiences. 


We are excited to announce our most recent product automation and partnership updates that allow our customers to be more efficient and flexible.


Add Triggers for Unique Guest and Third-Party Needs

Newly introduced Event Triggers give you more control over functionality and flexibility in interaction with guests and third parties. Trigger custom actions automatically based on events like upsell purchases, menu order placements, and new agreements signed. Send customized confirmation messages to guests and vendors, and notify your staff team in chat or simply create a follow-up task. 

Process Payments with Akia

Enable Akia to manage financial transactions directly with your customers for you. To accept payments via Akia, install Stripe from your marketplace and let us take care of the rest – We can process all payments from agreements and menus. 

Automate with Mini-Apps

Utilize Akia’s Mini Apps to design an app-like experience unique for every guest. Build them from scratch or visualize your ideas with our ready-made Mini-App templates to optimize and drive more guest engagement. Check out premade or blank templates based on your needs. 



We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Quore. Our customers can quickly turn guest conversations into work orders and ensure their hotels run seamlessly while maintaining brand and quality standards.

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