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Case Study

Ski Country Resorts alleviates 80% of their manual work by automating with Akia x Escapia integration.

Send Agreements Instantly

Before Akia, Ski Country Resorts used email-embedded rental agreements, which was time-consuming and required much manual work. Their team used to update and send out each agreement manually, and they physically kept track of guests who signed or did not sign.

Instituting Akia and leveraging its integration with Escapia enabled Ski Country Resorts to automate their pre-arrival processes. Akia automatically pulls in guest information from Escapia and pushes out the rental agreement to guests as soon as a reservation is made. Plus, it notifies the staff when an agreement is signed, saving them more time for critical tasks.

“Akia works and breathes on its own, alleviating 80% of the manual work that we were doing. It has been a lifesaver for me to customize our rental agreements based on units. Plus, it's been so helpful that a lot of guest information can easily go back and forth between Escapia and Akia. Now we just get an email telling us that we have a guest who signed in a rental agreement without us having to physically do that.”
Shannon Sinnard
Sales & Marketing Director, Ski Country Resorts

One Agreement, Many Versions

Like other Vacation Rentals, Ski Country Resorts have different check-in instructions catering to individual units. This means creating numerous agreements, one for each unit.

Akia’s automation eliminates the need for creating multiple versions of the agreement. Moreover, Ski Country Resorts utilizes custom attributes so they can automatically generate unique registration agreements for specific units.

Vacation Rentals can use custom attributes to insert unit-specific information into their rental agreements, such as maximum occupancy, which varies by unit.

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