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Give guests an experience they'll never forget

Be known as the hotel with the best, most personalized service.
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Akia welcoming guests to the hotel example

Live Engagement

Engage with guests where they're at

Technology has changed the way people like to communicate. Make guest communication easy and accessible through SMS or any messaging apps they prefer.
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Guests love the option of texting us rather than having to call down to the front desk.
Ryan Ledwith
Front Desk Supervisor
AI-Driven Automation
Don't leave your guests on hold
Automated Replies answer frequently asked questions, so guests don't have to wait around long for an answer.
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scheduled messaging example
Scheduled Messaging
Never forget to give a warm welcome
Use Scheduled Messaging to give guests a warm welcome, check in with them during their stay, and remind them about upcoming activities at the property.
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Guest Surveys
Address any issues while guests are still present
Use In-Stay Surveys to get a temperature check on how guests are enjoying their stay. You can solve any problems right away, helping guests have a better experience.
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guest responds to in stay survey with lower rating
Guests are just wow-ed at how fast they can get a response and they don’t have to worry about getting put on hold.

Gwen Castro, Reservations Supervisor

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santa barbara inn reservations supervisor
Communication is key to a seamless and personalized guest experience.
Open up your dialogue with guests through messaging.
U.S. consumers who say texting is the fastest way to reach them
Millennials who prefer texting over phone calls
Response rate for text messaging, compared to 6% for email

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Discover how text-messaging can help you drive customer engagement and automate revenue generation.