Food and Beverage

Contactless dining services

Continue to operate food services safely at your hotel with digital menus.

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Guests can just simply text their food or beverage orders to us from their lounge chairs, or anywhere they are on the property.

Scott Whitaker,
Director of Operations

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santa barbara inn reservations supervisor
Akia digital compendium on an iPhone
Easily Present Your Menu
Use Digital Booklets to link to your restaurant menu
Allow guests to easily find and access your menu via Akia's Digital Booklets, which are mobile-friendly, interactive, and customizable.
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Reduce Friction
Mobile Friendly Digital Menu
Guests can simply ask for food order via text message and Akia sends a link of all the available food and beverage options automatically. Guests can place order from the mobile friendly interface directly.
ordering chicken nachos at a hotel through an online menu
hotel employee looking at the messages in Akia
Offer Convenience
No close-contact interaction necessary
Guests can text their order from anywhere on the property, and Akia will prompt hotel staff to review the order and process payment.
Contactless and Safe
Dining at a distance
Staff members will bring food directly to guests, and they can enjoy their meal in a safe manner.
contactless dining in hotel room
sample menu configuration
Easy Set-up
Configure digital menus in Akia
Properties can add all available food and drink options into Akia's documents.

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Discover how text-messaging can help you drive customer engagement and automate revenue generation.