Working Efficiently with Akia

September 22, 2020

We know that running a hotel can be a lot of work, so we’re committed to helping you cut down time spent on tasks and work efficiently with these new updates.

WeChat – Logos Download

  • WeChat Channel: We now support WeChat as a new channel of communication, so you can easily reach your guests who use WeChat as their primary form of communication.

  • Skyware Integration: We now have a direct integration with Skyware, so hotels who use Skyware can easily integrate and onboard with Akia.

  • Multiple Logins: Prior to the update, people found that they were getting automatically logged out of their account if someone else logged in, so we now allow multiple logins to the same account. You will receive a notification in the top right corner if there are multiple devices logged into the same account.

  • Configure Enter to send: You can configure how you’d like to send messages on Akia, with the options of using ‘Return’ to send or using ‘CTRL + Return’ to send messages.

  • Profile Picture Upload: You can now upload a profile picture to customize your Akia account.

  • Completing Tasks: Akia will now archive any task team chats after they are completed, so your inbox won’t be crowded with past tasks.

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