Automate Arrival Workflows with Cloudbeds + Akia

Cloudbeds partners with Akia to enable text messaging for hotels, facilitate contactless check-in operations, streamline guest communications, improve online reputation, and drive more revenue.

Real-time sync with Cloudbeds

Akia automatically syncs with Cloudbeds in real-time, so you never have to worry about manually inputting or editing information.

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Automate arrival process

Check in guests early and collect documents digitally. Reduce check-in time, and streamline operations.

Plus, Akia can intelligently offer upsells to help you generate additional revenue.

Engage with guests digitally

Highlight important information about the property in an easy, accessible, mobile-friendly manner, unique for individual guests. Use easy-to-build Mini Apps to design an app-like experience without downloads/ installation.

Exceptional hospitality, backed by data.

A new age of contactless service.
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Improve your online rating

Akia automatically asks happy guests to leave 5-star reviews on Google or TripAdvisor, so you can just sit back and watch the positive reviews come in.
We saw our positive review scores go from 38% to 92% in just a couple months after deploying Akia.
General Manager at The Domain Hotel
Justin Hart, General Manager
Domain Hotel

Streamline operations with AI powered automation

With Akia's Automated Replies and Scheduled Messaging, your hotel staff can save time and focus on keeping guests happy with truly unique experiences.