Never worry about missed calls at the restaurant again.

When customers are calling for pick up, missing their call can mean losing out on revenue. Akia send a text-message to missed calls with your menu to capture that order without huge fees.
Who knew diners enjoyed texting so much?
Your diners call for all sorts of reasons. And while they're all important, it can be hard to drop everything just to pick up the phone. Rest easy knowing Akia has your back, and your diners will appreciate it too.
85% of consumers prefer to text businesses.
95% of messages are read within 3 minutes.
We're sorry we missed your call! If you're calling to put in an order, you can get started below.
Hi! I'm actually calling to make a special request for my reservation tonight.
Absolutely, how can we help?

Step 1, 15-min setup. Step 2, results.

Palette Tea Garden saw some surprising numbers in their first 30 days.
revenue driven through Mini Apps
missed calls saved
of missed calls also engaged in conversation
Manage more reservations without chasing around the phone.
Diners can get in touch through either missed calls or web chat. Give them a way to quickly and easily schedule or manage their reservations without tying up the phone line.
Hi there! We have a reservation for 3 for tomorrow at 7pm. Could we change this to 8 people?
Absolutely. I've updated your reservation tomorrow to 8 people at 7pm.

Automatically push orders into your POS.

Change absolutely nothing about your workflows with an integration into the most popular POS systems.
Track PMS

Create memorable experiences with Akia.

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