Reach the right audiences

Boost your hotel marketing strategy by personalizing your marketing messaging to guests' individual interests.

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Akia engaging with guests to learn about their interests
Get to know your guests
Find out what guests are interested in
Engage with guests during their stay, and Akia will remember what makes them tick.
Create Audiences
Back to the basics
Cluster guests into audiences based on behaviors and interests, so you can send personalized promotions to the right audience.
example of a cluster that Akia can make
Akia targeting clusters of guests by interests and behaviors
Focus your marketing
Remarket to interested guests only
Target specific audiences with remarketing campaigns, and exclude any uninterested audiences.
Specify Locations
Target by DMA
Use Akia's designated market areas (DMA) to target people in specific locations by area code. Invite locals for a special event, or target farther places to invite more people to your hotel.
Akia's designated market area targeting

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