In-Stay Surveys

Don't let unsatisfied guests slip through the cracks

Use in-stay surveys to gather insights from your guests, and address any issues before they leave your property.

white square
Akia asking guest to fill out an in stay survey
Gather Insight
Ask guests about their stay while they're still on property.
Get a sense of how they would rate their experiences.
Send Surveys
Provide an easy avenue to give honest feedback.
Guests can quickly and comfortably tell you how they feel.
example of what a question in the in stay survey could look like
staff gets alerted by guest's low in-stay survey rating
Get notified
Configure Akia to notify your staff when guests are unsatisfied.
If a guest gives a lower rating in response to your questions, Akia will create a ticket and escalate the issue to management.
Service Recovery
Address any issues during their stay.
Give guests the opportunity to change their minds about their ratings.
Guest asking for new linens after survey
Guest changing their mind about an earlier rating

Drive Positive Reviews

Let guests leave happy.

Akia will survey guests for their final ratings and ask happy guests to leave reviews for you online.
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We don’t have to think about asking our guests to leave us a review anymore because Akia takes care of it.
Jason Ball
Owner & Innkeeper
Analytics and Reporting
Data-driven decision making
Use experience reports to make informed changes over time to improve the guest experience.
sample data from experience report
We saw our positive review scores go from 38% to 92% in just a couple months after deploying Akia.

Justin Hart,
General Manager

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General Manager at The Domain Hotel
Your excellent service should show through in your reviews.
Implement in-stay surveys to ensure that guests are all-around happy.
People who are more likely to use a business with more positive reviews
People who avoid businesses with many negative reviews
Guests gave a higher post-stay rating after having problems solved

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