Digital Registration Cards

Facilitate safe hotel operations

Use online registration to cut down time spent at the front desk and avoid crowded lobbies.

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woman checking into hotel with digital registration card
How it works
Contactless check-ins

Register Guests Early

Have guests sign agreements before they arrive on property.

Outline Important Policies

List your property's policies on the registration forms for guests to agree to.

Upsell additional services

Collect right information about the guests and upsell room upgrades, room services, early check-in, etc.

Pre-Screen for Symptoms

Ensure that guests have not been experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and have not been exposed to the virus.
How it can help you
Create a safe and comfortable environment for guests and staff
With digital registration cards, your hotel can avoid close-contact interactions and allow everyone to feel more at ease at your property.
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glen ivy hot springs logoGlen Ivy Hot Springs Director of Sales and Marketing
Akia helps us to ensure that we are providing a safe environment for everyone.
Sandra Miller
Director of Sales and Marketing, Glen Ivy Hot Springs

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