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We did a total of 18 massages that weekend, totaling over $2,000 in extra revenue.

Heather Pleasants,
Spa Director

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Spa Director at The Bellmoor Inn and Spa
Akia engaging with guests to learn about their interests
Step one
Find out what makes your guests tick.
Engage with guests during their stay, and Akia will remember what gets them excited.
Step Two
What you learned in Marketing 101
Cluster your guests into audiences based on their behaviors and interests.
example of a cluster that Akia can make
Akia targeting clusters of guests by interests and behaviors
Step Three
Build that loyalty.
Create personalized campaigns to welcome guests back to your property.
Step Four
Never annoy your guests.
No one likes to be spammed with too many communications, so exclude any uninterested groups.
Akia excluding uninterested guests from remarketing campaigns
Akia remarketing example
Step Five
Promote something they can't say no to.
And bring in the direct bookings.
Akia is making the guest feel like I'm tailor-made for them.

Cashawna Creary,
Guest Services

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Cashawna, Guest Services at Dylan Hotel
Stop losing money through commissions.
Welcome your guests back directly through text message and keep your hard-earned cash.
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Customers who like special offers via text message
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