Enable JavaScipt to chat!
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The page you were just browsing uses Akia software to answer any question you may have.

Why are you here?

Akia needs JavaScript to be enabled in your browser so everything would work like a dream, and it looks like it’s not on.
So, what's JavaScript?
JavaScript is a programming language that lets you make use of the interactive elements like live chat widgets.

Most of the web browsers have it enabled by default, but there’s still a chance that you might have turned it off a few months ago. Don’t worry – fixing it will take you only a few seconds.
Turning it on.
Just check this guide to enabling JavaScript, find your browser (or device) and you're done!

If you use Ghostery, NoScript or another extension that blocks JavaScript snippets on websites, please whitelist Akia to get a better experience.
What is Akia?
Akia is a tool for businesses to build engaging customer journeys over text-messaging. And chatting with customers on their website is part of that journey!

Businesses can utilize a number of templates to engage customers in different ways: brochures, forms, menus, or even surveys. This helps them automate workflows, get feedback, and elevate the customer experience overall.

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