Case Study

Glen Ivy Hot Springs

In the midst of a pandemic, Glen Ivy is ensuring guests have a safe and comfortable experience with Akia.

Sandra Miller
Director of Sales and Marketing
We currently require our guests to fill out a Health Screening Questionnaire during registration via text before arrival. Once the screening is completed, Akia notifies us and we prepare the guests for a temperature screening upon entry. Akia helps us to ensure that we are providing a safe environment for everyone to visit and enjoy.

Digital Registration Card

Glen Ivy Hot Springs is utilizing Akia’s registration card feature to have guests fill out digital Health Screening Questionnaires. This means that Akia is regularly screening arriving guests for symptoms all while minimizing direct contact between the guests and staff members.

Guests receive a link to sign the registration card prior to check in. All registration cards can be easily retrieved digitally or printed out physically after guests have signed.
example of how a hotel screens guests' health before check-in
Here’s a quick look at the engagement we are driving for Glen Ivy.
Average Number of Registration Cards Filled Per Day
Order Revenue Passed Through Our System
Guest Engagement
Guest Engagement
Glen Ivy Hot Springs Director of Operations
Scott Whitaker
Director of Operations
We have been using Akia for food and beverage service in efforts to reduce touch points and help our guests feel safe. They can just simply text their food or beverage orders to us from their lounge chairs, or anywhere they are on the property. Akia makes this exchange safe and convenient for our guests.

Contactless Dining

With Akia, Glen Ivy can continue to run their food services in a safe and contactless manner. By texting “menu,” Akia sends a link of all the available food and beverage options. Through these links, guests can directly place their order, and Akia prompts the hotel to review the order and process the payment. After the order is submitted, guests receive a digital receipt and confirmation of their order.
ordering chicken nachos at a hotel through an online menu

Automation is everything

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Working with Akia means these types of conversations happen daily, behind the scenes, and without staff intervention.

Guests who require assistance are appropriately flagged, where Domain Hotel's remarkable front desk team can step in and showcase their hospitality.

Dozens of messages come back in during a busy morning at Domain Hotel, but only a handful will need Justin and his team to actually step in.

The rest of it is handled by Akia.

WhatsApp Integration

Akia has the ability to send messages to foreign guests via WhatsApp. This allows our hotels who see a lot of international travelers to also stay connected with their guests in a familiar way.
Reservations Supervisor at The Santa Barbara Inn
Gwen Castro
Reservations Supervisor
We have been using Akia now for a few months and it has definitely made things at the front desk a lot easier, especially on those busy weekends! We have had many guest come in and ask “Who is Akia?” They are just wow-ed at how fast they can get a response and they don’t have to worry about getting put on hold.
Front Desk Supervisor at Santa Barbara Inn
Ryan Ledwith
Front Desk Supervisor
Guests love the option of texting us rather than having to call down to the front desk and the personalized text message before arrival makes guests feel welcome. Akia’s integration with AutoClerk is also huge for us. We don’t need to go in and enter data to a separate program as Akia links up seamlessly with what we already use.

More than just a tool.

Akia doesn't need a reminder to check in with guests. Additionally, the guests who reply, but don't need assistance won't end up creating more work for your team.

Artificial intelligence of this caliber, working alongside the front desk team, is what has helped Domain Hotel obtain new levels of achievement for the property.


Akia has the ability for hotels to broadcast messages to groups of guests. If you ever need to notify guests of incidents in a pinch, Broadcast means a previously 45-minute process now only takes 45 seconds.

Useful for alerts or letting guests know about special events. Akia is TCPA compliant out of the box, so you don't need to worry about handling unsubscribes to marketing messages.

Mobile Broadcast

Benjamin recalls a story about ONE EARLY morning, when the hotel lost all hot water.
"Normally, I ask my front desk staff to call every room in house, and notify each guest of the situation. This process can take between 30-45 minutes and normally results in several unanswered calls.

With Akia, that changed instantly. I can now easily pull out my phone, tap a button, and broadcast a message to all in house guests and consistently keep them informed of our progress throughout the day.

This significantly cut down on labor time, long distance charges, and annoying phone calls. Our guests were extremely grateful for the constant and convenient updates; our quick response using this system actually led to perfect review scores from our affected guests. You can't ask for a better outcome."

See it in action.

Use text-messaging to drive guest engagement and direct bookings today.

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