Hospitality Labor Landscape

Pooja Khandelwal
Pooja Khandelwal
April 28, 2023
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Sneak peek at the Hotel Labor landscape.

Akia and Unifocus conducted a study to assess the current state of labor in the Hotel industry. The study surveyed executives from over 1000 hotels globally to understand their opinions and struggles with the ongoing labor crisis.

More than 75% of the respondents confirmed an increase in occupancy from pre-covid days. Over 80% said they were struggling to fill open staff positions, with a lack of experience (66.7%) and poor time management (45.5%) being the top onboarding challenges.

In addition, Over 60% of executives confirmed that their hotels had already invested in automation and AI tools to offset the crisis.
Follow this link for more data from the survey.

Image credits: T. Schneider / Shutterstock.com

OTAs embrace ChatGPT.

Expedia, one of the most-used travel apps, recently announced that it is adding ChatGPT features to its mobile app for a more interactive experience for its users in researching and planning their vacations. Users can request to explore activities and travel planning queries like average weather for the month, etc., making ChatGPT a natural extension to Expedia’s already existing AI capabilities.

While ChatGPT is still in the early adoption phase, its potential is endless. The hospitality industry is changing how it does business, and it’s for the better. Using AI-powered tools will improve efficiency, decrease response time and provide more customization based on guest preference. All these help build loyalty and guest satisfaction.

Leave no guests unattended.

Before Akia, Aspen Suites lacked instant communication with guests and depended primarily on guests making phone calls to the property. Implementing Akia bridged the communication gap between Aspen Suites and their guests, ensuring no guest gets left unattended.

Akia’s integration with their PMS (InnQuest roomMaster) allows Akia to automatically pull in data from InnQuest roomMaster and fire pre-arrival automated messages like, thanking guests for making the reservation, confirming reservation information, providing a Mini App link with additional property details, and so on.

“Akia brings in next-level communication with our guests. It has enhanced overall feedback from guests. The link between Akia and RoomMaster has helped us internally in maintenance and upkeep.” - Kelli Johnson, Communications Manager at Aspen Suites.

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