Prioritize the Guest Experience

December 15, 2020
Providing a great hotel experience is undoubtedly important to any hotelier. Happy guests reflect well on your hotel, and of course you want to be known as an amazing hotel that anyone would love to stay at. In the ever-changing landscape of the hospitality industry, however, traditional means of ensuring guests are enjoying their stay have changed. Guests have different expectations, and a great guest experience looks different than it did before. Here at Akia, we want to help you adapt to these changes and keep your guests happy, especially in a contactless environment.

In-Stay Surveys: Akia is excited to introduce in-stay guest surveys, which enable hotels to get direct feedback from guests during their stay. In-stay surveys allow hotels to discover and address any issues that guests may have while they’re still on property, paving the way for better guest experiences.

During a guest’s stay, Akia can automatically send out surveys to them via a link, and guests can give a 1-5 star rating in response to the survey questions.

Akia sending in-stay survey message
Akia in-stay survey response from guest

Hotels can find the surveys in the Settings under Attachments. Surveys questions are customizable to individual hotels’ needs. In this section, hotels can also configure Akia to notify relevant departments if guests respond with lower ratings to any number of questions.

Akia automatically flagging guests who gave low ratings in the survey

When hotels set up surveys, they will also have access to a new tab under the Reports section, called Experience. In the Experience tab, hotel management can look at the statistics from survey responses, and they can break down the data by a certain time range or specific questions. To look further into the data, management can click into the comments attached to responses. They can also look at specific guests’ conversations for more insight and download reports. These reports can allow hotel management to understand and analyze guest experience trends over time. They can use these reports to find out if any improvements made have been working, and if there are other common guest concerns to address.

With in-stay surveys, hotels can quickly make changes in their service while a guest is still present, so guests have an opportunity to change their minds about any initial low ratings. This also allows hotels to have more control over their reputation, since they can make a focused effort in preventing negative feedback on online review platforms.

FLEXIPASS Integration: Akia is also happy to announce an integration with FLEXIPASS, an expert in keyless mobile access. FLEXIPASS allows guests to use their smartphone as a key to enter their hotel rooms, rather than using a physical keycard. With this integration, Akia can automatically send key codes from FLEXIPASS to the right guests.

hotel front desk staff on the phone

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