Boost Your Hotel Recovery Strategy

April 15, 2021
We are excited to announce a few product updates that focus on boosting hotel marketing efforts and enabling hotels to effectively recover in this year. Hotels can use these new updates to easily upsell their guests, improve their reputation on TripAdvisor and other review websites, and create visually appealing marketing campaigns to welcome past guests back for more.

New Digital Booklet Editor: There is a new editor layout for the Digital Booklets. The new editor makes it very easy for properties to customize their booklets to best reflect their branding and various offerings.

Akia new digital booklet editor

Advanced Review Management: There is now an option for hotels to use an advanced guest review system that collects more specific feedback from guests at the end of their stay. If guests give a high average rating, Akia will automatically send them to TripAdvisor or other review websites to leave a glowing review for your property.

Akia's advanced review management drives positive reviews

Images on SMS Marketing Campaigns: Akia can now support images on SMS marketing campaigns, so hotels can use visual content as a part of their remarketing efforts to previous guests.

Akia SMS Campaigns supports images

Flexipass Module: Akia now supports digital room keys, such as Flexipass, as modules within the interface. With these modules, hotels can assign room codes to guests directly from Akia.

Akia incorporates digital key modull

hotel front desk staff on the phone

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