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Akia is making the guest feel like I'm tailor-made for them.

Cashawna creary, guest services

Cashawna, Guest Services at Dylan Hotel
By going with akia, you can...

Facilitate contactless check-ins with the best Digital Registration Card solution.

Check in guests early with our Digital Registration Card, and avoid high-touch interactions at the front desk. With Akia’s contactless communication solutions, hotels can increase guest engagement, all while keeping guests and employees safe.  

Engage with your guests in a personalized way.

Akia is dedicated to helping hoteliers do what they do best—hospitality. With Akia, you can meet guests where they are, whether that be through text messaging, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. You can also customize the Akia's messages to cater better to your guests.

Get the highest number of positive reviews.

Our scheduled messaging catches any issues early, so you can address them as soon as possible. As guests check out, Akia automatically asks guests for a review of their stay and drives happy guests to leave a 5-star review on TripAdvisor. Akia also asks for any other feedback, so you can understand your guests better and adapt for the future.

Drive greater operational efficiency with our A.I.

Akia’s platform is built on top of our proprietary artificial intelligence layer. We don’t want your staff to get bogged down with every inbound guest message. Akia can intelligently differentiate between small talk and guest requests, so rather than being tied down in front of a computer screen answering guest messages, your staff has more time to cater to individual guest experiences.

Save time with Broadcast.

Notifying all guests on property of unexpected incidents, whether by putting notes under the door, or even calling, is cumbersome. Use Broadcast to reach out to all guests on property to quickly notify and set expectations for their stay.

Akia makes our job way easier. Akia helps us be a lot more efficient and our guests appreciate the difference.

sean mitton, valet team

Valet Team at The Santa Barbara Inn
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Stay engaged with guests.

See how hotels, over and over, are finding that Akia is making a huge impact with their reputation.
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Akia provides a suite of communications tooling for different departments at the hotel. From reservations, to maintenance, to the front desk.
Web Chat
Increase the likelihood of guests booking directly on your website by giving them a live channel of communication.
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Team Chat
Quickly send messages or photos to your team internally. Isolate or broadcast communication across all departments.
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